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Welcome to fly fishing, and welcome to the forum!

I'll start out with a basic fly you can use for pretty much any species: The woolly bugger. It comes in many variations of colors and sizes, and also weighted and unweighted. The most popular colors are probably black and green. It's a great fly for a beginner to use since there's not too much you need to know about fishing it. You can dead drift it in a stream for trout, or fish it like a minnow, or pretty much any way you want.

In addition to the woolly bugger, here's a few species-specific flies. For bass, large poppers and Dahlberg divers are the two great flies to use. For panfish, the small poppers or any sort of small, bright wet fly will work. Panfish aren't picky at all! For trout, the variations of flies are huge and vary a lot depending on what time of year it is, what sort of water you're fishing, and where you are in the country. Your best bet for trout flies is to find a local fly fishing shop and ask them, or maybe there's somebody on the board from your area that can help. The flies I use here in the Northeast will differ greatly from what you'll use in Georgia!
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