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RE:Juro's Fly Pattern

Hi Pete! Good to hear from you.

This is just fine for your request, being the "open forum". Anything goes here... almost.

Just to explain what I was thinking: a single board approach is OK, but a lot of good stuff gets lost when it's purged periodically. Fly patterns should never be purged, and focused discussions by species tend to be concentrated and last a long time too. You don't have to use 'em but I put up the other categories for focused discussions and patterns.

The Open forum is the general list. If there were no other categories this would be the bullsh_t board, the fireside chat, etc. Messages eventually just fall off the other end, and there are no worries about what you post here.

The FLY:

That was a "big yak baitfish", or so I called it. Tell you what I will give you a quick rundown and post the official pattern with materials in the warmwater fly pattern index. Whoops - there isn't one... well, I'll make one tonight to honor this pattern and keep it in the records long after this board cycles out of the buffer.

Big Yak Baitfish

* 3/0 - 4/0 TMC 811s with barb ground off
* white, polarbear, and blue yak hair
* Tiewell sparkle flash or polar flash in pearl
* white marabou or bucktail
* plastic stick-on "3D" eyes
* epoxy

Tie plume of white yak hair mixed with polar flash from bend of hook to desired length. I pull the center strands to the rear to enchance the tapered baitfish body effect.

Layer additional white yak to form flanks (top bottom).

Optionally tie in marabou or white bucktail to form pronounced abdomen section for baitfish.

Layer blue or olive / black yak to form back of baitfish.

Layer (blue, olive, black, etc) yak hair to form the back (wing).

For eyes / snout I use a "raccoon mask" pattern of glue to provide stability and durability without excessive epoxy.

In retrospect I think I tied that fly on a whim and the above is an attempt to recall how I tied that puppy! Basically, the material is dyed YAK and the eyes are the non-flat stick-on plastic eyes.

I'll dig into my boxes and see if I can locate another from that mold.

take care and talk to you soon,
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