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I'm very glad to have expanded my fly collection, as Andros bones seem to be getting pickier every time I go down there. A Hoy-type fly turned out to be just the ticket on several occasions. They would see a fly, come behind it, follow for 2-3 feet and then quiety veer off. At times it took a half-dozen changes, but when the fly was what they wanted, they'd pounce on it like the bones of old. Pop's Bonefish bitter was another fly-of-the day. I tied up some velcro flies, following idrirecitons on the mustad site, but they fell apart on me, and didn't seem that lifelike in the water.
Interestingly enough, the guides I talked to hadn't really gotten into the fly-of-the-day mode. Yes, they'd have sports change flies here and there, but I couldn't detect a coherent effort. Maybe it's a case of the fish outpacing tyhe fishermen?
In ant case, I felt this selectivity adds another great dimension to a great pastime.
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