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Thanks for the feedback guys. I think Bill is correct; simplicity is sometimes the greatest form of elegance.

Flytyer, Thanks for the info on the grip dimensions. I will probably use a combination of materials for the new grip on my T&T.

And speaking of preformed grips, the first two-handed rod I ever built was a kit that came with a very long preformed grip. I had to ream it out to get it to fit. When I finally got it glued into place it ended up with a few air pockets in it that I did not know about. The air pockets caused the grip to crack. I figured it out quickly enough. To fix it I got a hypodermic needle from my brotherís diabetic wife, filed it with warm epoxy, and injected it into the air pockets. That was about 8 or 9 years ago. Learned a bunch since then. Now I do it your way, glue on the rings and form them on the rod.

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