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Apples and oranges

Intermediate lines in clear will make a much bigger impact on spooking fish than floating lines. Something down in the column with the fish will call for a different set of characteristics than something in the film.

In my experience the best floating line is the one that floats a few inches off the surface of the water, mends without a ripple and is clear so it does not cast a shadow onto the flat or create surface wake when stripped.

I wish! Problems I've had with with floating line are almost all drag or shadow related, other than sinking inadvertently which is becoming rare. For instance I've had bonefish run screaming from the long wake left by my floating line at slack midday tide.

Conversely I've caught wary stripers all day on a brightly lit flat using a heavy black sinktip when the fish were coming head on and I could avoid clotheslining them.

With a floater I'd bet a well placed drag free presentation makes the color of a floating line not really matter all that much, but I could be wrong. There are those execption like the situations named above (Provo etc).

Another problem I do have with floating bright colored lines is when fishing a sinktip. The tip pulls a portion of the floating line down into the column and fish dont like it. On the Beginner Hole on the Kalama swinging such a line through the pod of fish is like watching Moses part the sea, where the wise angler fishes a very long leader on a floater.

I have been meaning to try a clear floater I have for stealthier sinktips but it doesn't seem to be a good candidate for cutting and looping - not sure what the core is but it's not a braid. It would call for a stealhy loop connector or a blind splice.
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