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RE:Is this the green crab we know?

I've never used real crab for bait for stripers but use crab flies a lot. The first time I tied one was after a crab blitz on the long West Dennis jetty at high tide. There were a line of fishermen casting into the channel when all hell broke loose behind us on that usually dull flat. Crabs of every size and color were being pushed onto the rocks and to the surface in flight from a huge wave of stripers! Never saw anything like it before or again. In any case, the fish were willing to take other flies although they had definite preferences for what they were on to - and a few keepers were caught. This was during the 36" days. The stomachs of the fish were packed with small crabs when those who retained fish cleaned them.

These were primarily calico as I recall but there were also spider and others (stone?). The Merrimac bass eat those dark (almost black) crabs with the orange fringes.

I have great success on Monomoy with a felt crab pattern that is green - although not the insect green of the true green crab. It's more of a tan / green and I do speckle it with a marker so they might be thinking calico.
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