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RE:In the cool of evening

There's something cathartic about standing in moving water in the dead of night. My first fish ever on the fly rod was in the Canal near midnight. It made me want to sell my spin gear too. I think a lot of people mistake that sentiment for snobbery. It's really more an admission on my part that I suck at this (or at least I did) and that I need all the practice I can get.

Thanks for the kind words, but if you've fished with me for any length of time, you've seen some monstrously bad casts mixed in with the occasional 85 foot bomb. I have improved dramatically since last year (largely due to the writings of George Roberts). Smooth acceleration and a crisp stop makes a huge difference. I think what I lack most right now is consistency, but that will get better too, especially if I keep leaving the spin gear in the trunk.

Hey, anyone up for fishing the Cape this weekend? I'll be on Monomoy all day Sat. with my wife and son (rod stays in the car , but I have Friday or Sat. evening free.

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