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RE:In the cool of evening

I guess I'll parrot what others have said.

Last night I was out on the deck enjoying the cool evening, drinking a beer, watching the moon cross the tree tops, listening to the coyotes move about, I was thinking it was a great night to be out.

I do 99% of my fishing at night due to my desire to spend as much of my free time as possible with my family. So, I wait until they're going to bed before I head out.

I think the best thing about night fishing is the quiet. And casting is definitely easier. You can't really see if you're throwing a huge loop or a taling loop. You just have to go by feel and make it work. There's more fish (other than Saturday night during the clave)and it's more peaceful.

Stripping line, I agree with John, I have found the most successful strip being a long (2 -3') slow strip produces best.

I'd love to join you guys next time you head out.

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