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Thank you both for your quick comments. I agree, I would like to try the Albright rod, but I don't think anywhere near me sells them.

I also recognize that an 8 maybe somewhat light for larger blues or stripers, but I honestly I think I'll be sticking to the little guys before moving it up into anything big untill I learn what I'm doing. I also wanted to keep it in the 8 range for maybe steelhead or some larger bass as well. I'm a poor student, so just tying to make the most of my purchace.

Yeah it is possible that my casting being not experienced for saltwater rods gave the G. Loomis an unfair shake.

I''m stil deciding, so anyone with more feedback on either the Orvis or G. loomis rods mentioned in the first post, please feel free to comment.

Thanks for your help and knowledge,

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