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In the cool of evening

Jim W, Rich D and I just got back from some night fishing down in Wareham. A perfect evening for it. No wind, not too many bugs, a bright clear sky and, best of all, cooperative fish. Black clousers and black beachglass silversides were the ticket. A slow deliberate strip produced much better results than the quick snappy strip I have a habit of making.

So much depends on your ability to feel the line and the fly at the end of it. At Monomoy I was focussed on my sucky casting and not paying enough attention to what I was doing after it. Tonight I settled down a bit and just plunked it out there and finally started fishing with a firm line, keeping contact with the fly, feeling it being pulled by eddies, bouncing off the bottom, dragging across the gravel, being picked up by fish.... and quickly dropped, being picked up by fish and -- oh! fish on. Happiness is.... I landed a few decent ones. It was a rush to say the least. I couldn't think of a better way to spend a Wednesday night (and Flag Day to boot). Thanks Jim and Rich.

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