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Loomis vs Orvis for Newbie in Saltwater

Hello, I am very interested in getting into saltwater flyfishing here on the east coast and I am looking to invest in a quality rod. I will be using it for everything from blues, to NC sound fishing, to some bonefishing in Beliez.

I was looking at 8wt rods and casted a few. Here are those that I have tried, looking to go no higher then $350.

Sage FLi 8wt 4-piece
G.Loomis 8wt 3-piece cross-current series
Orvis 8wt 4-piece TLs tip-flex

I am trying to decide between the G.Loomis and Orvis rod. Both casted very nice but the Orvis rod seemd to load much nicer and shoot very well to long distances, although this was not under windy conditions. The G. Loomis rod had similar feeling, but a bit stiffer and did not seem to shoot as well. I have also read one review for the G.Loom rod that said the guides make noise when the line rubs against.

Does anyone have any insight on the Orvis vs the G.Loomis rods? Or any others to recomend in this price range? Although I know the G.Loomis salts are better name, on my limited casting experience the Orvis rod seemed superior.

Thanks for your help in advance!
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