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Originally Posted by Bob Pauli
A couple of simple practices keep me out of trouble with FC:
1. Use latest generation fluorocarbon, such as Fluoroflex Plus from Rio. First generation FC had good strength on a test machine, but no impact resistance to sudden shock from a startled steelhead.
2. Never use FC with dry flies because it has a specific gravity of approx. 1.5 or 1.6 compared to nylon 1.2. FC sinks all dries I have tried it with in my [spring creek] fishing.

Theclearblue give good advice about disposal. Because FC is UV resistant, it will not deteriorate in the outdoors. Take your clippings out with you.
I would say your statement 1. goes against what I earlier posted about preferring the original (first generation) Fluoroflex. But the other day I had reason to question my earlier post when I lost a large steelie due to breakoff with the original stuff. It happened more or less like you say above. I was holding my own with the fish after some strong acrobatics and other leader testing antics. But then, all of a sudden it took off, and I suspect this was because I went from a fair to foul hook situation. Not long into this run the knot broke. I was using an unorthodox knot, so I can't be sure what caused the break, but it sure has me thinking again about the various grades of FC.
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