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Playing with Tubes:)

Hi all- thought i,d share a little of what I,ve been playing with-

Modular Tube Tying-

The vise fits any standard vise jaw-
here it is loaded with a tube- comes with three pins/mandrels to accomodate different diameter tubes-

tubes come in plastic/brass/ aluminum to cover various sink needs and can be custom made at home for creativity-

The modular part-

split patterns into fornt and rear end concepts and tie the front on a tube and the rear on a hook and mix and match-

two rear ends and one front end- thread your line through the front end tube-tie your line to the hook and plug the hook into the tube rear end -

and plugged in-

Same concept applied to a basic Bugeyed Nymph-

two tails /one head-

Take a think on my friend Stu Thompson<s Weedman Slider-

Stu,s original pike pattern-

and the basic front end concept on a tube-

simply tie varying bodies to the plug in hook and mix and match with the head/heads.

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