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Originally Posted by sweetdaddyjones
Would I be able to do any smallie fishing on a 4 wt. rod, or am I going to have to choose between fishing for trout and panfish only vs. getting my rod stuck in the trees on the small streams?
You'll be fine with a 4 wt for smallmouth. I landed a number of 3 pd river smallies on my 7'6 4 wt this summer in Maine. I couple were pushing 4 pds too. The only thing that was difficult was bringing the bigger smallies to me right in the current where I was casting from. I had to back up into shallower/slower water to land the fish because the 4 wt lacked the muscle to pull them upriver to me in the current.

A 5 wt would have been a better rod, but a 4 wt makes a 3 pd smallie feel like the fish of a lifetime, and a 4 pd fish is just unreal!
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