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Exclamation Please take this one seriously!!!

Guys -
Please take action on this one! The vast majority of the claims that would fall under this action are placer mine type outfits. Located in the headwaters of stream systems near and dear to us all. In Oregon, some of the greatest concentrations of these mining claims are in the headwaters of systems like the Grande Ronde, Rogue and Umpqua Rivers. Sale of these lands would all but eliminate any regulatory authority on mining, or any other activity (housing development, timber harvest, etc.) that the purchaser deemed appropriate. This has ramifications on fisheries resources in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain West (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado).

Anyone who doubts the general conservative agenda when it comes to public lands and their ownership, take note. I believe this is but a first step. The likes of Scary Larry Craig and others have already gone public w/ the belief that public lands are not best managed in the hands of the public, but in the hands of private owners and stake holders. Earlier this year, the primary proponent of this bill, Richard Pombo (R) from California, strongly recommended the sale of National Park Lands. While he later backed off, saying it was merely a gimmick to get people's attention, this current legislation, in my mind, proves otherwise. There is no amount of money that can be paid to equal the value I have for my birth right!!!!

The following link is to an article in the Oregonian that sheds more light on the subject.

Also Note- TU members, there is a drive to contact your congressmen and women through that organization as well. I got an email from them earlier this week. Please follow through!!!!
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