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Since starting this thread I've looked further into using this knot for wets. I find that unlike the improved turle, as the tippet comes off the knot into the eye, it does so at an angle. Thus the tippet doesn't come straight thru the eye and you can see this by vertically dangliing the fly. The fly then cants slightly to one side or another whereas with the turle, the fly is perfectly in line with the tippet. How much difference this makes I don't know but can imagine there might be spinning of the fly during the swing. I can see where that might even be a good thing with a fly like a wooly bugger but all in all the canting effect now has me turned off to this knot, at least for wets. I still think its original intent, for use in dry flies, is just another of the many great innovations by one of our heroes, George Harvey.
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