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Salmon Conferences Scheduled

From Sublegals;

Salmon 2100 Project - The Future of Wild Salmon
January 25, 2006 Portland Oregon

This conference is part of the E.P.A's (Enviromental Protection Agencey) Salmon 2100, Which is studying the idea that Wild Salmon Species in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and southern British Columbia are strugling to hang on as remnants of a once thriving species (rocket science?)
A host of individuals will attend and William Ruckleshaus will be key-note speaker.

Pacific Salmon Recovery Conference
Febuary 15-17, 2006 Seattle Washington

Sponsered by the NMFS (National Marine Fisheries Service) this conference is intended for Biologists, Ecologists, Planners, Tribal Representitives, Engineers, Non-Profits etc. and will focus on Policy, Science, Restoration, Monotoring etc.
There is a fee for attendance.

24th Annual Salmonid Restoration Conference
Febuary 22-25 Santa Barbra California

Rediscovering Urban Creeks - Creating Healthy Watersheds
A broad range of Salmon and Watershed Restoration topics will be discussed

It looks like the Portland conference will be the best bet for "regular folks" here in the NW to attend. I am going over to there site now and will pass on any more info I find out

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