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Ah, a well tied Dee fly tied in the tradition way!

The Gardener a very interesting fly that is often tied incorrectly !

I have seen it with a bright orange hackle tied in at the throat, rather than the correct way of tying in the topping from the yellow in the body - I think that this error creeps in from Price Tannants interpretation of the dressing.

I'm interested in what you have used in the hackle - I think Black heron with a drooping Jungle cock is the way it was originaly designed.

Kelson states the correct dressing but wrongly states that it is "one of Garden of Aberdeens best Dee Flies", everyone now thinks it was invented by William Garden (Aberdeen tackle maker). It was actually invented by the Uncle of James Harper who was the owner of William Browns of Aberdeen from the early 1900s. I have good evidence of this from some research I am doing on the history of William Brown and other Aberdeen Tackle makers - eventually this will be a book.....
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