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Sounds like there is a lot of saltwater fly fishing in your neck of the woods. I guess we don't hear about it that much on this side of the big bay. I looked up snook and there seems to be none in African waters. Maybe you will be the first to find them and become famous. Are your bluefish as crazy as ours over here and smash everything that moves? We are looking forward to hearing about your trip and all the giant Tarpon that you fish for. Don't forget to bow in a big time way for fish that size.


It really is amazing all the unfished waters for bone fish. Just do a google sat map search of the south pacific and you will see thousands of miles of water to sight fish. Most have never been touched at least by guides. As I plan my world cruise I get really excited by all that shallow water to fish but I must say I get a little nervous about how well some of this far out of the way atols are charted. I really don't want to be ship wercked in the middle of nowhere and have no humans including native girls around.
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