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George Harvey Dry Fly knot - Why not for wet flies?

I mainly fish steelhead and do a lot of swinging with a wet fly. I'm intrigued by knots and have done a lot of playing around with different knots. Before coming across the Harvey knot it seemed to me that the improved turle knot gave the best solution to being sure the wet fly rides straight off the leader. Lately, however, I have replaced the turle with the Harvey knot since it is easier to tie and like the turle knot, the knot is formed inside the eye. I have heard it is stronger than the turle knot. For a time, all seemed well. But then I began to think that maybe there is something about the Harvey knot that makes it less suitable for wet fly swinging than the turle knot. Something just doesn't seem right. For one thing, upon further internet digging, I can't come up with a single commentary that implies this knot is suitable for more than dry flies. I'd be curious about what experience others may have had using the Harvey knot for wet flies.
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