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I could take 3 or 4 folks for a couple of weeks at a time. Just fly somewhere close. We would also need another zodic and outboard. Of course my beautiful wife may have something to say about 4 extra crusty old fly fishermen on board.
Oh and by the way if you look just a 12 day sail east of the Seychells over to the coast of what I still call Burma you will notice many islands with flats never fished by sport fishermen just a few surfers exploring places where westerners have never been allowed. I hear that the goverment is now allowing a few world cruisers a visa to explore this area. As for Tarpon fishing in Africa it is a very hard area to get too as winds and currents are not right and I hate to motor. We plan on hitting the Seychells if we can get a visa to do the outer Islands which are about 200 mile out. So many world goverments are begining to limit exploration to cruisers because of the Jimmy Buffet syndrome. Another great clave might be to the southern Society Islands. Most are atols whithout humans and full of bones. We are going to do them that's for sure.
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