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Sounds like this area of the world is just being explored as far as fishing goes. What other types of game fish live of this part of the African coast? I bet that there some really big snook lurking under the mangrove roots in the coastal rivers.
I have herd stories of those big Bluefish off of the Azores but never so close to the coast of Africa. But once a school gets chasing bait they forget everything else and probably could end up just about anywhere.

I'll tell you that there are still places in the world that are not exploited by commercial sport fishing and places where few if any have cast a fly or even trolled a live mullet. Back in 1972 while sailing the Timor Sea came across a place where two major currents collided. Within about a 15 mile radius there were Black Marlin and some Blue Marlin jumping out of the sea that were just beyond belief. The guys boat I was sailing on who had been a charter captian out of Cairns Austrailia said that half those fish we watched that day were close to 15 or 16 hundred pounds or bigger many may have been world records. I bet no one has ever fished them, ever. Though not interested in catching those fish I don't think there is a week go by that I don't picture those fish leaping out of tropical blue water strait up into the sky and turning perfectly in mid air to make a sord first re entry.

Maybe we need to set up a world map on a wall put a blind fold on throw a dart and if it hits an ocean go have a clave there and see what happens!
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