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IGFA rules

I've just tied up a bunch of IGFA leaders for a trip and am wondering about the pros and cons of flyfishing offshore by IGFA rules. On one hand, who needs a bunch of fuddy-duddies to tell me how to fish, yet on the other side, most sports make sense when played by common rules.
I can't seem to decide whether the 20# max. tippet is a safety issue or an agreed-on handicap. It's be hard to believe IGFA's not aware of the big-fish fly opportunities out there, and yet' no tippet class over 20#. Admittedly, it's hard to pull 20# with a fly rod.
Similarly, the bite tippet regs and the need to have the tippet so close to the hook really put a ding in shark fishing. Is this by intent, snobbery or oversight?
Be that as it may, I think I'll give it a shot with IGFA leaders this winter, and see what happens. Is there anybody here who goes offshore with IGFA fly leaders
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