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YouŽre right OC,

Biggest tarpon ever caught, came in 2003 from Guinea Bissau, 286 lbs, 9-oz.
Brian OŽKeefe caught in 1992 a 187 lbs giant in 20 # tippet in Sierra Leona-
I was in Bijagos arch in Guinea Bissau last year with the fly but not ready for tarpon fishing. Maybe IŽll return in january ready with a #15 bw rod, a heavy sink line and some big FPF mullet imitations. I saw a lot of giants rolling over mullets. In the camp where I stayed they caught 3 giants on mullets, the smallest, weighted 90 kilos and the second one broke a 100 kilos scale... , the third one maybe weighted 115 to 130 kilos.
Fly fishing there is a little bit different from"classic" sight fishing. Deeper and murkier waters, big currents but huge tarpon.

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