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Since the St. Criox warranty has been mentioned a couple times I thougt I would mention this ...

About 10 years ago I broke my St. Croix rod being stupid. They replaced the broken section w/o question. However, last year my dad's St. Croix rod broke in the same way for no good reason. Just setting up on a fish in a normal way. St. Croix gave a real song and dance and said his rod never came with a lifetime warranty and was void after ten years or something like that. It was real BS on their part. They did sell him a new rod for 50% off. So save your hang tags from the rod that say lifetime warranty on them for sure so if they try it on you then you will have some ammo against them.Not totally awful experience but a little lame on their part. He got a good new rod for less than $100 but having a company deny their warranty is weak to say the least. I still recommend the rods due to price and general quality but I do think allot less of the company than before that incident.

4pc vs 2 pc feel... hard for me to say. The ease of backpacking with a 4 pc outweighs any slight difference in feel. I suspect the price difference is the extra labor of making a 4 pc but I'm not a rod maker.

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