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I take it that Pflueger and St. Croix are as good a value for fly fishing gear as they are for spinning/ baitcasting tackle. Thus, I will undoubtedly go with that since I've had such good luck with those brands in the past. Yes, I'm already a fisherman and no, this isn't a whim. However, I'm not ready to throw down $300 for a Legend, because, after all, I've never done any fly fishing, and I may end up hating it, although I highly doubt it. For the lifetime guarantee alone, I may consider moving up to the Avid though, assuming the guarantees are the same for fly rods as they are for spinning rods.

A question about 4 pc. vs. 2 pc: On spinning rods, the 2-piece rods are considered inferior to the 1-piece rods because of loss of feel. However, I've noticed that the 4-piece fly rods tend to be more expensive than the 2-piece rods. How do the 2 fly rod types compare as far as feel? Or is that not as big an issue in fly fishing since I won't be bumping lures off the bottom of the river?

Thanks again for the input.
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