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Store your materials in baggies and mark them as to content. A tool box is an excelent suggestion for starting out. Eventually, you may need to have two or more "tool box storage" one for feathers, one for furs, one for synthetics etc. etc.

A few more thoughts since Flytier and others have covered to topic very well.
Join a local tying club if possible or find a local tier to teach you his tricks, great folks who will share tehir knowledge as well as their material.
Go to your local library (after doing a search on this board for suggested tying books/patterns) and read up on tying. One I highly recommend is "The Fly Tier's Benchside Reference to Techniques and dressing styles" by Ted Leeson and Jim Schollmeyer- ISBN # 1-57188-126-3.
Kep posting requests for specific patterns that you are tying, lots of folks around here will help you.
Make sure you have fun and EXPERIMENT on your own, e.g. tie variations of a particular pattern, try different materials, color schemes etc.
And this one has been mentioned but is worth repeating, patronize your local shop and forum sponsors. Tying on the cheap just does not work and it can ruin an otherwise great hobby. Most shops and all of the sponsors that I've dealt with have been most helpfull in providing good quality and prices with free advice to boot.
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