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Hey BB, from another new NC fly tier, you're getting some good counsel from the guys. I tied on forceps for a while-YIKES can't believe I was so cheap! Just getting into it, I was also unsure if I would enjoy the whole gamut of feather chucking. I do! and now I have the basics- not the best yet, mind you but a definite step up and in the right direction. My flies look TONS better and much more like real flies versus a pinch of dead birds and rat's nest on a hook! LOL! They also catch fish and I'm tailoring recipes to my local waters-i.e.-shorter rubber legs on the spiders or mixing black and white legs on the same fly, contrast and colors of feathers used, going to smaller hooks/flies for more hookups. That kind of thing. I home built a lap top box about 16 inches across, 5 deep and 6 wide with legs to sit across my knees while I tie. It has a cross bar on top about 1/3rd the way from the left side to clamp my vice onto. Holds the tools, hooks, eyes, glues and stuff and I keep the fur and feathers in small portions in ziplocks in a clear plastic cookie tub; neatly standing the ziplocks like files in a drawer.

Two ideas you might can use.

One is FREE supplies- they are where you find them. One being chickens-we have all kinds. Surely, someone you know or somwhere out in the country is a farm with chickens. Just ask. Hey, I'll mail you plenty if you like. The other is roadkill fur. Yep, it's disgusting, but I have collected, two fox tails, squirrel tails and two deer tails just since August and have plenty for lots of flies. Just cut the tails off and ziplock and freeze till needed. Birds are a different story since most species are protected. No Spotted Owl Streamers, please. Pet shops are full of birds that molt. Then of course support your local flyshop. They have the skinny on what to tie for your area.

The other idea and readily available is the search feature here or scoll to the bottom of these posts and see the similar ones listed if you have not already done so. HTH. and good luck tying.
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