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Hi Bryce, a think you should consider what kind of flies are you going to start with, beginners use to tie streamers first, because its size is bigger and you certainly will need to develop some skill with your fingers before you try with smaller ones.
Most kit come with assortted materials for many different patterns, perhaps some of them will never be used.
I suggest you go to a serious fly shop and request a bounch of materials to tie just streamers. Woolly Bugger is the common start.
A short list for this pattern includes:
Hook: Mustad 9672 or similar
Thread: Monocord 6/0
Lead: 025
Marabou feathers (any colour you like)
Chenille medium (matching the marabou)
Flashabou (pearl is best)
Saddle Hackle (long and webby)
Cooper wire
Once you are agree with this fly, take a pattern index and try another. Go back to the shop with a list of material for that fly and go ahead again.
Good luck!
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