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Offshore fly outfit

Pate Bluefin fly reel w/ box and foam case $350
Redington DFR 15 wt 8'6" rod with tube $200

Both have been used for 3 years and are in very good shape. Reel has some very minor, cosmetic scratches.

I've honestly never felt overmatched with this setup. It's a very good fit for New England SBFT, as I can clear a 625 grain line and have ample lifting spine for a 100 lb tuna.
Buy both and I'll throw in 800 yds of backing, a Cortland 625 gr fast-sink line that's on the reel, a padded rod/reel case, and an early season Joskolator trip to show you what it's capable of.

Im selling this because a gear maker has been loaning me their offshore gear to test this past year.
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