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RE:How fast do they migrate?

Greg, Al,

Re: Rhody, I'm still interested April 15th. But if you can't stand the reports coming in of schoolies arriving, and need to go for it next weekend instead, go for it. But the longer you wait the better the fishing
Anyone else interested in driving to Rhody from Boston area that weekend?

As far as Bass River, I know things book up fast, but if you can wait till the Clave you will get a good idea of the area. The fishing is ok in the River but it's not remote like other locales. And depending on where you are on River it can be a long ride to the mouth at no wake speed. I would check for exact location. IF the cottage you are looking at is above Highbank Rd. bridge, it's a long ride out of schoolie only territory (mouth at W. Dennis).
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