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RE:How fast do they migrate?


You had me confused talking about the 6th, I was like what's up April 6th, when it finally dawned on me that you were talking about the MAY 6th Clave!

Anyway this got me thinking about my Arbitrary call to check out RI on April 15th. The news stated yesterday that March was 4.6 degrees above average. So as far as RI goes, I'm free tomorrow, next weekend (the 8th), so the 15th is not etched in stone. I'm open to opinions and/or car-poolers! I got to get off my A$$ and get the boat ready, but I've been working on the house; I've got to install carpet today.

On another subject, my wife and are are thinking about a Cape cottage for this summer, but we are finding a lot of places already booked-up. But here's a couple we found:
(1) Saconsett Island, available Aug. 5, 12, 26, Sept. 2.
(2) Bass River, with a Boat Dock! available Aug. 26 only.
Any Opinions.

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