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RE:How fast do they migrate?


That's cool I have made it to your office wall. That makes two walls that picture is on. The other shot with my brother was my wallpaper for a while, now it is the shot of the Race Point sunset from the outer limits clave.

It was funny you tell others that I'm a lucky jerk because my sister maintains that fishing is just a jerk on one end of the line waiting for a jerk on the other end.

As far as the 6th goes you can count my brother and me in. We thought we were going to be taking a boy scout troop rock climbing but the date was moved. We plan on getting an over sand permit for the national seashore and we can fit two more in the jeep if the outer limits is on the agenda.

Well the vice is calling. I think I need a couple more clousers.
Tight Lines,

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