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Being on a Mac most every work day, I can't use the google map program, BUT I can go to terraserver by microsoft and get some decent zoomable views. The imagery is dated 1999 and 2002 both good enough to scout new waters from above. The latter date has less area imaged out of the metro areas of Raleigh, NC but the B/W '99 covers my daily driving route just fine. I found today 19 more ponds just minutes from my home. One I found via Sat imagery near me is a big SCORE! I asked the country store owner near it who owns the property. He gave me a good name and in one phone call I've got a new 1.5 acre pond to fish full of Shellcrackers, bluegills, bass and who knows what else. All it costs is two dozen fresh farm eggs to the owner and one doz to the store owner for the tip. yee-haaa! and this place looks pretty fishy with tree blowdowns for structure, a dam and a shallows for spawning. Gotta get more spiders tied!
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