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Using a Lund in the Salt will do nothing to comprimise the boat. You may leave it in the Salt for several months and suffer no ill efects that can not be alleviated with any more than hoseing off the bottom at your local carwash (while sitting on your boat trailer).
As to fenders I have used them, and I have not used them. I perfer to not use them ( lunds are tough and the paint is really tough).
A simple anchor bracket on the bow can be added slightly off center and still do a marvelous job of keeping you where you want to be. as for a stern anchor a cleat mounted externaly high up on the transom will not likely foul too many flylines. The beauty of a small aluminum skiff is you will not be anchoring in situations where you need heavy anchors so manual hauling will be the order for your installation.
In the last 30 years I have never been without a Lund and I kept one in the boat harbor in Sitka Alaska for most of the year with no problems from saltwater corrosion. I hope you have as many fine times with your Lund as we have with ours.

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