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Q re Lund setup

At the end of the summer I made a major effort at resolving the leaky wader issue: I bought a 16ft Lund Rebel. Although used, this boat had never been modified (at all). It has an anchor but nothing to tie it off to, no means of handing fenders etc.

A fishfinder/depthfinder/GPS also would be an excellent way to help keep me locked into my present job. I am sure there are lots of other opportunities to spend money. Others have been down this path I am sure. What would you recommend and how do you mount this stuff?

Right now there is nothing to foul a flyline on, but the functionality is a little lacking too.

Also this boat has not been in saltwater (yet). I get the impression that others have exposed these boats to the salt. Are there any techniques to minimize potential damage (other than simple hose downs)?

I'm looking to trailer this and use it near shore, not for "adventures".

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