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fast tip for float tube??????

Hi all expanding my world of flyfishin have made a great deal on waders boots float tube etc from older gentlemen flyfisher easing up to pontoon boat. have also decided to upgrade flyrod from elcheapo to good and for ever[now that i can cast somewhat] my choices are[all 5wt] G-loomis gl3, Scott a2 or e2 or Sage Launch,FLi or VPS. now if I understand my basic physics I do not have the wader's advanage of body hieght for lifting line form water nor do I have same for the forward cast.

I don't see the forward cast as much of a problem as you can paddle closer to your target so 20 to 40 ft casts but lifting for backcast seems like a tricky thing. so the question would a faster tip/action rod be a better choice or is there a mod to the backcast .... ps which rod mentioned would you pick or differant model from above makers [$450.00cdn /$400.00 us +/- top price] also have Orvis,Powell, and RL Winston rods to choose from at the 2 local shops. tks Eric

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