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Aw go on ahead. JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!
It only hurts the first time!

p.s. If two piece are what you want, (besides H&H mentioned above) Check Cabelas, they have some nice deals on their SLi blanks.
FWIW, I like a full wells on all my rods 8' and over. A 1" fighting butt works well for rods that are going to bet beat up in a warm water envirinment too. It protects the reel from bouncing off of rocks/ boat floor etc. However, note that when you put a FW grip and FB on a 3 wt, you will likely own that rod for life as you've limited it's resale.

Yes there is a HUGE difference in catching gills on a 2 or 3 wt vs 5/6 IMHO. Also FWIW, some longer light line rods tend to get noodle like when tring to throw larger WW flies. In my experience with WW light rods, it's best to error on the stiff side of action and overline if you need to. All 4 of my 2-4 wt rods used for WW are in the 7.5'-8.5' range, medium-fast and are overlined one size.


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