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great stuff guys! I have yet to build one but am on that ledge and keep looking down. Ready to leap any day-maybe a winter project for me. My dilema in hunting for "the Rod" is this: where can you get an inexpensive 2 pc, 3/4 wt, 9 foot rod with mid flex and moderately fast action, and... WITH a full wells grip? ANSWER: correct me if I'm wrong but Andy Griffith said it best - "You cain't git there from here!" In other words, these rods don't exist unless you build one. Oh yeah, add a detachable fighting butt, why? cause I like the visual balance aspect they provide for my tastes. I've hunted the internet and only found what I'm looking for at custom rodbuilders sites or parts suppliers for builders. This rod would be my primary panfish rod and I like the idea of at least 8 feet being the minumum length preferalby-9ft. this would be a pond and lake rod and if I ever get a float-tube the length would help here as well. It would be inmy truck all the time, too, hence the inexpensive part. It would be nice to have the gills put more bend in the rod without having to go bamboo or down to a 7 footer, 2 wt yet be able to play and maybe land the odd, big bass, cat or carp that jumps on board. Any thoughts.....should I build or should I buy?
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