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I'll break ranks here. If it's your first rod, it's likely not to come out picture perfect. This can kill resale if you ever decided it's not the rod for you . (I've built ALLOT of flyrods for my self and in a semi-commercial role. People expect perfection when buying a $150-$250 custom rod). I'd vote you start with something that will cast well but will run less than $100-$125 to build. ( BTW, you don't need any special /expensive tools either.)
FWIW, I built allot of pac-bay and hook & hackle Im6 blanks. Most built up into some VERY decient rods. Some I still fish, others were sold off. in fact, I built and sold dozens of these as they offered allot of bang for the buck. Never had anyone want to return one. ( BTW, Rainshadow also reportedly makes a decient and inexpensive series of blanks but I have very imited experience with them.)
Once you get a rod or two under your belt, then decide whether you want to invest bigger $ in a project. Chances are you might be happy with your first rod. If not, you can sell it and get most of your $ back or (more likely) use it as a back-up/ truck rod. In any case, it's an enjoyable experience to build AND fish your own rod.
have fun with it.

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