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I have one of the new TFO bluewater ( and blue blank) offshore rods. We had a wide-open yellowfin bite about a month back, and that rod got 7 or 8 fish in the 50-70 lb class without putting up much of a sweat. I had it paired with a TFO Hayden reel which held up fine, but threw tons of brake dust all over the insides. It was a chummed-up bite, so the casts were short, but the rod worked admirably lifting the fish up. It wasn't a bit overmatched by a 70 lb yellowfin in that last, vertical 50' lift. I actually tried to high-stick the rod, but it simply bent into a 'U" and kept on lifting. I think it's a glass-carbon composite rod, and that accounts for some of its' toughness.
It balanced well with a 625 lb Cortland fast-sink head, although I broke the line once right near the leader knot.

The other rod I really like is a Redington 15 wt DFR - also a glass rod. It also matches well to a 600 gr head and is very hard to break. I don't think it's made any more, but I found it a wonderful offshore fly rod. It also landed its' fair share of fish that day, paired with a Pate Bluefin reel. I think our total for the day was 14 or 15 yellowfin.
A 12 wt T&T was completely overmatched by one of these fish, i.e. it couldn't do anything but maintain a tight line until the fish dies, and then winch it it. We tried it on one fish, and then put it away.

PS: On second reading, I confess to being the 'tester' Jay mentions.

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