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Can you imagine the localized wave an earth quake like that would create in Puget Sound? The drop of land mass must have pushed a wall of water into Lake Washington and up the Renton Valley. We live in an amazing place for natural disasters just waiting to happen. I'm not sure I want to be around for the next big one but if I am it's going to be interesting for those who survive what ever may happen. Be it Mount Rainier having a 800 foot glaicier melt in a matter of hours, the fault line that runs down Puget Sound lets go or even the tsunami created just of the coast from a big earth quake and pushing up the strait and intensifing as the strait gets narrower. Yiks! Ya can run but you can't hide. In the mean time we will just destroy ourselves slowly by globle warming, over developement and all the other problems we create.
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