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Flyfishing for salmon on Vancouver Island depends on the specie.So far this year the Pinks came back in fair numbers on the rivers with hatcheries.This is the off year for Pinks,the big run is in even years,opposite the big Frazer run.As far as I've heard the Spring numbers were down.Anglers did well at the Stamp River on the West coast of the Island.The Coho fishing on the East coast so far has been very slow,but we still have another few weeks yet.The fish up here are about 2-3 weeks late on all the runs.Supposedly there have been alot of Coho out off the banks on the west coast.The local river I fish for Chums just picked up this past week but the fish are being finnicky.This run is also 2-3 weeks late.Had a pretty August for Sea-run Cutties.The population I fish for is declining due to a couple of seals that have taken residence in the harbour were the Cutties spend most of thier time.Last winter was the worst year I had for fishing the Cutties in the harbour.I do have some theories on why.I joined this forum in the summer and I am too somewhat disappointed.
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