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The old Pfleuger Medalist that was mentioned by griz will work with any trout you may catch. At one time (back in the 50's and 60's), it was considered one of the best reels to use for trout.

The truth is you don't need anything more than a simple click pawl to keep the reel from overrunning for trout or bass. There are plenty of reels that will do exactly what you need from a reel for $35.00-$50.00. And there are several nice casting rod in the 9' 6 wt I recommended on the market for under $100.00. And if you move up to $150.00, there are even more rod choices in the 9' 6 wt size.

I have a suggestion, why not contact one of the fly shops who sponsor this web site, tell them you are a beginner, that you are looking for a rod to fish for trout and largemouth bass, that you have been recommended to look at a 9' 6 wt, and that you don't want to spend more than say $200.00. I'd be very surprised if they would not be able to set you up with a rod, reel, and line that would meet your needs and budget.
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