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Ya, the brown trout weamer, originally intended for browns ended up also hooking pike, chinook, steelhead, and smallmouth. Clousers used for stripers have done double duty for pike and more recently, walleye. A few have even taken larger smallmouth. Probably some time in November, I'll take a shot at Fort Erie and at some point I'll probably end up chucking some for steelies too. Mickey Finns have worked for me on pike, smallmouth, chinook, browns, brookies, and landlock salmon. A lot of the smaller streamers that I've chucked at browns have ended up in a smallie's jaw, usually unintentionally. Gold conehead olive buggers seem to take just about anything.

A Black Ghost actually hooked a huge carp once that had sucked it in on the drop. I had been chucking it for smallies so you can imagine the shock when this big brown freight train took off.

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