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And a great thanks to all of you! It has always been so much fun reading what everyone iis doing in their fly fishing life.

Willie, We were at one time thinking of just keeping the sailboat I have now which is a 32 foot Rhodes and shipping her to Boston. Then sailing across to your neck of the woods. But with the Euro nation as it is now it costs so much to have a boat over 6 months there as they will sales tax you on what your boat is worth. But who knows I would love to sail into the nearest port to your home waters and invite you for a sail and a Gin & Tonic American style which is in a very tall glass, tons of ice, a lime slice and 2 shots of good gin.

Hey Brian,

We are going to take Sinktips drift boat with us. I hear there are some really good rivers to float on the N. Korea/ China border. Big ocean going fresh water fish that come to a waker.

Hey and I just found out I'm only 54!
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