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I realize the daily counts are not a good indicator. I was actually referring to the total annual counts. I went back and took the final annual count at the Dalles and John Day. There should be atrition at each upstream dam, but looking at the last 10 years, the numbers are back and forth. Subtracting JohnDay from Dalles gives the following........+11K (2004) -13k(2003) -2k(2002) +20k(2001) -15k( 2000) -8k( 1999) -42k(1998) 8k(1997) 6k( 1996) 23k(1995) 19k(1994) and 29k(1993). The negative numbers indicate more fish went through the upstream John Day fish ladder, than through the Dalles ladder!!!! Weird.

To add to these strange stats during the last few blistering drought stricken summers, many believe that many of the steelhead get "stuck" BELOW the Dalles, not wishing to move upstream when the water is too warm. Then in September they rush up the Deschutes en mass, and the fishermen do not get a very good shot at them in the lower part of the river near the Columbia.
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