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Got the 9/10 Dredger wet

and the skunk is off the rod

but it was only a bass . . . .

Dave showed me some new water on the Grand it was perfect for slinging big uglies -- deep pocket water. Worked very nicely. Also had a chance on another run to test out how far it would go. Works short as well as it works long.

My line only totals 765 -- light compared to what others are using on 9/10s (900 - 950) but I don't like hucking all that grain weight around the countryside. I'll save the big weights for the young studs . . . .

The river colour wasn't too bad, off-colour but not chocolate milk, but still too warm yet for major runs. Saw some small trout rising but that was it for salmonids.

Still, it beat work . . . .

also got my right foot and butt wet -- gotta fix those leaks . . . .

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