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Explain The Dalles vs. JohnDay Fish Counts???

I can not make sense of the fish counts on the Columbia. I occasionally fish the Deschutes and the Clearwater. But I can not understand the fish counts at the Dalles Ladder vs. the John Day. It seems to me that the Dalles count, minus the John Day count, would give an indication as to how many fish went up the Deschutes. But looking at the past years counts the numbers jumps all over, some years 5000 to 20000 plus OR minus!!!! steelhead go through these two dams. Example 11000 less went through JDay, but in 2003, 13000 MORE fish went throught JDAY than THE DALLES. As I see it, the only river between The Dalles damn and John Day is the Deschutes. Any good reading on the counts?
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