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Yea.....I love the GRAVY! My wife called up and said she and the kids were going to go out for a couple hours and I headed to the pond. I tried topwater for about 20 casts with no interest in several spots on the pond and changed over to the newly tied Clousers. About three casts into it I hooked up a junior Bass and it gave a good pull, wiggle, and a flip. Then the next catch was a twenty foot Pine tree top- my steeple casting needs work. That broke off my fly, tippet, and partial leader. Next up - a very nice Crappie from the dam side deeper water. The retrieve used with a foldover foam strike indicator to key on is a very, very slow retrieve with the tiniest up and down jugging of the rod tip. This made the indicator go forwards and back on the pond surface hopefully imparting life to the clouser below. Moving around the pond I got another Bass or two and switched to the above brown and white bugger and caught one Bluegill (mediumsized) and one small Bass.

Time was up and I went back around to first area where I had parked and my motto is "leave on a good fish" or at least try to when the time is short. So....I cast and caught another bluegill and tried one last time and got a definite STOP on the fly. The line tightened and started to tug and bend the rod. Hmmmm...something of size under there. In a few seconds I'm rewarded with a flash of silver green of a sideways much bigger fish. The lack of a strong run and the head jerking made me think of a large crappie, but no it turns out to be another Largemouth and this one's mouth measured right at 4 inches across when fully open. Not quite a lunker but decent from this little pond. My pix are still on the camera. All in all, I felt pretty confident about the clousers and my success rate though some look skinnier in the water than I thought would be effective. My vise and tools should be here this weekend and I'm ready to tie some smaller, scaled down, mini-Clousers to match the itty bitty minnows I see at the very edge of the pond that appear to be an inch or so long.
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